Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ok, Go.

Hey Everyone,

I've been slacking on the blog front, I know. Lets consider this my April resolution. Blog.

A lot of events and shows are in the works and I should really tell you about them.

Friday, April 9- We will be hosting a great night of music: Louis and The Hunt is back and Zoo Animal will be making its debut Paradigm show as well.

Oh wow... I totally got off track and distracted with youtube... sorry... Ani Live at Babeville... I couldn't help my self.

"THE QUEEN OF BINGO" Saturday, April 10 at 6pm and 9pm and Sunday, April 11 at 6pm - Tickets are $15.

This is a two person play put on by Spotlight Theater... and our second go at live theater in this space... some of you may remember the last time... well... it won't be like that at all. This one is a comedy. Not a hostage situation. haha. right.

How will this work? Well, these will be closed shows... so technically, Paradigm is closing at 5:30 both Saturday and Sunday nights. Weird, I know... but come to the show! A change of pace is good for everyone!!