Saturday, September 27, 2008


A little re-cap of the week's music is in order...

Chelsea Z kicked off our fine Thursday night with a few angsty acoustic guitar ridden folk rock ballads about airports, Australia, love/hate... and confusion... a few interjections about wool sweaters... empathy engulfed the crowd... and she wins us over again.

Steph Taylor and the State of fired up around 9 that night... there could have been lights and a smoke machine... the tickets COULD have been $30.00... but there wasn't... and it was FREE...

"bone chillingly awesome" Said one.

"oh my god! this is so amazing" Said another - mid show.

"Why didn't we charge a cover?" Said the barista.

Steph Taylor and the State of will be back. Don't miss it.

Cataldo played here Friday for the first time ever... but why do we know all of their songs so well...? Because we haven't taken the CD out of the rotation since the day it arrived! Think... indie-campfire-folk-rock... better yet... click the link and listen... then keep an eye on our schedule for the next time they come our way.

Stay tuned by simply visiting: Paradigm Coffee and Music for a full listing of our shows.