Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Get There by bike.

You might have noticed the pile of bikes by our back door. You might be one of the folks that asked... 'What's up with all the bikes?'

Well... we ride them... some are in need of a little work... from last season's midnight rides and whiskey runs... but they're all claimed... and have a claim to fame.

Its true that my first inkling to run something of my own... was born of the Northeast corner of the 'little barn' ... bike frames and chain-less ten speeds strung up in the coolest fashion... crates of parts on rickety storage racks... it housed my phases of the sweetest patched up bikes to whimsical wind chimes of spokes and sprockets... I've yet to stray too far from my original ideals of the sweetest thing... the hours of ... wouldn't it be sweet if...

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