Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sunburns are healing and life is good... You may have noticed that Mondays are void of Paradigm goodness... but don't dispair... those precious hours are time well spent at Paradigm's very own vegetable garden... we're growing ALL of our own produce this year... granted... we're a little behind in the season due to the rains and more rain... it thinned our crops a bit but what's there is wonderful and we keep planting and weeding and weeding and weeding... and then we eat ice cream and life is good.

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Colin said...

My girlfriend and I love paradigm, and every time we are in sheboygan, we have to stop in. There is always something to do whether it's music, talking, reading, playing games, going to the bathroom just to read the walls, or enjoying a good cup of java and or tea. My favorite tea, before it was discontinued, was the serene tea. But anyways, we were there little while ago when I snapped this picture on my phone.

P.S. Thank You for having such a wonderful cafe'. It truly is a piece of art.